Being creative is a very human thing. As children we are encouraged to be creative but as we grow the need to conform allows us to neglect our instincts and simply become users. The new digital to practical technologies are tools whhc give us all the ability to release those instincts and be creative again. Nothing exemplifies this more than the recent explosion of interest in three D printing or Additive Manufacturing as it is known in the professional world.

We focus our interest on the Zmorph 3D printer.

But the Zmorph 2.0 SX is much more than a 3D printer – combined with our unique Voxeliser software and the interchangeable toolheads it provides you with a way to make just about anything.




ZMorph 2.0 S all-in-one 3D printer/personal fabricator launches at Euromold

Multi-functionality is ZMorph’s main advantage,” explained Przemek Jaworski, ZMorph’s CEO. “It allows your 3D printer to be able to do so much more. It becomes your personal fabricator – a mini factory that can work in almost every workshop, office or home. With the latest advances of toolheads the 3D printer is changed from a useful device into a truly multi-functional machine, able to work with many materials and techniques, additive and subtractive. “

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ZMorph 2.0 S comes with 11 interchangeable toolheads which allows you to print in a range of materials including ABS, PLA plastics, wood (milling), policarbonate, ceramics and chocolate. You can
Innovation does not happen in a vacuum. Your idea for a new product is probably driven by a need or a challenge that you have identified within your own organisation
Touch Screen
Our own Software Toolpath for 3D prints, Laser Cuts and Milling
Multi- material Capability